Panoramic Photos

As part of our normal floorplan service, we offer access to 360 degree panoramic photos of venues to help organisers and contractors visualize the venue without making a visit. What makes our panoramics unique is that we provide full resolution images so they can be zoomed into very deeply, giving you the most detail possible. We also add annotations and dimensions to some photos where extra visualisation is needed, such as height restricted areas etc. Scroll down to see some samples.

This service is free of charge for current clients but, if you would like access to these photos without using our floorplan services, please contact us. We can also offer this service to venues who would like to put 360 degree panoramic photos on their website, please contact us for details.

So far we have over 1000 panoramic photos available for various venues across the world, and this list is expanding rapidly.

Alexandra Palace, Palm Court, London, UK


Fira Gran Via, Hall 2, Barcelon, Spain