Event Floorplan Service

Floorplans Tailored Just for You

Floorplan Management

Floorplan layouts are an important part of organising an event or exhibition, therefore it is essential that the floorplan and service that event organisers receive will meet all their expectations and provide them with total piece of mind.

Technical Plans

Using our own software 'Event Floorplan Designer' we can provide technically accurate and detailed floorplans that meet all venue regulations. Drawings can then be sent to venues, operations teams etc in an easily readable format.

Sales Plans

Once the technical plan has been created, we can then provide a much neater looking plan which can be sent to potential clients by adding stand colour coding, show/sponsor logos etc.

Online Floorplans

Once the technical and sales plans have been created, why not amend stand details yourself using Floorplan Live? Floorplan Live (provided by Eventex Solutions Ltd) syncs seamlessly with any floorplan we create, allowing you to make your own amendments safely without having to wait.

Key Benefits of Our Service

  • Fast and Accurate Turnarounds
  • Competitive Pricing
  • 20+ Years Experience
  • Sales and Technical Plans
  • Large Venue Library
  • Detailed Floorplan Reports
  • Our plans synchronise with Floorplan Live
  • We use our own specially developed CAD Software