Event Floorplan Designer

Intelligent floorplanning software for contractors, organisers and venues.

What is Event Floorplan Designer?

Event Floorplan Designer (EFD) is the most accurate, flexible and easy to use exhibition floorplanning tool available today.

Used by all of the UK’s leading exhibition contractors and organisers to manage thousands of floorplans per year, its reputation speaks for itself.

Who is Event Floorplan Designer for?

Exhibition / Floorplan Contractors

Do you manage lots of drawings for multiple clients? Using our software will half the time you spend amending floorplans compared to other CAD systems. Our software has been designed, based upon feedback from many existing contractors who work on thousands of floorplans per year, making it the perfect choice.

Operational Management Companies

Work alongside or bypass a dedicated floorplan contractor and provide your clients with a floorplan you can be proud of which also works 100% operationally.


Design floorplans in-house or even just manage your venue drawings. EFD has all the tools required to supply a floorplan that meets all of your venue's regulations with ease, allowing other EFD users to take advantage of this using the built in detection for service ducts, keep clear areas etc, meaning less headaches for you and contractors at build up.


Do you have an in-house operations team? Then EFD can be used to bypass or work alongside your floorplan contractor to achieve much faster turnarounds with far less mistakes. Not only this but EFD works seamlessly with Floorplan Live, the UK's leading cloud based floorplan system for Sales teams.

Customised just for you

Event Floorplan Designer has many built in functions to suit almost everyone, however if there is a specific function you need or, maybe you want to integrate it with your CRM system for full automation between your floorplan and exhibitor database? No problem, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Support and Backup

With unlimited support rest assured that if you get a problem or need help, we will be there when you need us, no matter where in the world you are. Do you you also need help with your floorplan? we can help with this too, see our Floorplan Services page.

Affordable, Flexible Licencing

A simple annual licence fee gives you unlimited support and software updates, giving you total peace of mind. Install the software on multiple computers such as your laptop and home computer and swap between them seamlessly.

Key Features

User Friendly Interface

Ease of use is paramount when creating/amending floorplans to keep turnaround times to a minimum, which is why EFD’s toolbars have been designed with clarity in mind. Dynamic and customisable toolbars, along with customisable key shortcuts make your life easy.

Simple Stand Creation and Editing

Split and combine stands or adjust stand sizes accurately with just a couple of clicks using the dedicated functions. Change stand shapes using our unique node system and create any shape you like!

Quick and easy Stand Numbering

Add stand numbers with one click! or customise the auto numbering system to match your needs.

Accurate, Automatic Stand Dimensioning

Never worry about stand dimensions being incorrect, EFD’s built in algorithms automatically calculate these for you swiftly and accurately. They even update dynamically on-screen as you adjust stand sizes so you can see exactly the size you need.

Customisable Stand Colours

Colour stands as Sold and Reserved for sales plans or Shell and Space for operational plans, there is no limit on the colours you can have. Once setup, change stand colours for one stand or multiple stands with a couple of clicks of the mouse.

Add Sponsorship

Insert sponsorship logos with clickable links to websites. Add enough of these per plan and your floorplanning costs are covered!

Work Safely

With our unique ‘Keep Layers Locked’ function, work safely knowing you cannot accidentally delete or move venue items such as pillars or other important items.

Inspect Floorplan

Check your floorplan quickly using our unique Inspect function. With just one click your floorplan is scanned and presents you with a list of items that may need attention, such as if you have accidentally drawn stands within a keep clear area.

Venue Templates

Hundreds of venue templates are available, some of which are venue approved. Just open the relevant template and get to work designing your floorplan.

*Venue templates are supplied on an individual basis, they are not all included within the software.

Exhibition Zones

Mark specific areas of your floorplan with Zones e.g. Beauty or Housewares Zone to make them standout. Zones can be any shape, then use the floorplan report function to calculate stand figures within each zone automatically.

Multi Hall Floorplans

Create multi hall layouts so you can see the exhibition flow at a glance. Then using the unique Views function, create individual hall views for easy distribution or for different sales teams to sell from. Run a floorplan report to give you a figures breakdown per hall.

Detailed Floorplan Reports

Calculate Net and Gross figures with one click of a button, then create a spreadsheet which contains a full exhibitor list. Fully automate the report creation so your colleagues always have the latest information whenever you update your floorplan.

Powerful Stand Search

Find stands by number or name instantly, then zoom into the stand with one click. Use the filter to drill down your search to Available or Reserved stands in a certain size range, even within a specific Zone or Hall.

Import Exhibitor Lists

Import Exhibitor lists from a spreadsheet or even another drawing to save you re-typing them all again. For a more bespoke solution, we can develop a link to your own in-house database so names are automatically added to your floorplan.

Shell Scheme Component Calculation

With a fully automated system for calculating Octanorm and Sodem components, its now an easy task for contractors to create load lists and block plans to take on site. Need your own shell system added? No problem, we can do bespoke developement to meet your requirements.


One of the most powerful functions in EFD, views allow you to create sales and technical plans or any other type of plan that you need. Once these views are saved they can be exported automatically in different file formats.

Import / Export Popular File Formats

With all the most popular file formats available to import and export, there is no need to worry about how you are going to share your floorplan with colleagues and clients.

Automatic Upload to Websites

Update your website floorplan automatically, eliminating the time lost using manual upload methods. Upload to private areas of your website so only your team can access the floorplans. Even upload floorplan reports automatically.

Syncronises with Floorplan Live

Floorplan Live is the UK's leading cloud based floorplanning tool for Sales and Operations teams. EFD works seamlessly with Floorplan Live providing a complete floorplan solution.

Automatic Software Updates

Never worry about your software being out of date, you will be notified of any available updates and have the option to update now or later. New features and improvements are added regularly to keep you working as efficiently as possible.

Automatic Versioning

Each time you amend and save your floorplan a backup copy is automatically created and saved into a Backups folder. If you need to go back to an old issue, just find it in the Backup folder.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

With all the built in, intelligent tools for creating/amending exhibition layouts, it’s easy to forget that Event Floorplan Designer is also a fully functional CAD program. Tools such as Line, Polyline, Circle, Arc etc are all present which can be used to draw almost anything you can think of.

Please contact us to request a demo, there are many more features than listed above!